Pappou! (À La Parcelle)  - Domaine Kalathas

Pappou! (À La Parcelle) - Domaine Kalathas

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Winemaker / Domaine: 
Style: Rose
Country / Region: Tinos, Greece
Type: Natural

Mavro Potamisi 20%, Rozaki 40%, Aspro Potamisi 40%

Pappou (2018) :

This cuvée is a field-blend of three of the Tinian varieties, two whites (Aspro Potamisi and Rozaki each for 40% in the blend) and a red (Mavro Potamisi for 20%), and is a tribute to the traditional farmer's wine of the island where all varieties were assembled to produce each family wine to go through the winter, the vessel being emptied for the Easter feast along with the roasting of the lamb, Pappou meaning Grandfather in Greek.

This wine is crafted following our pick on the three grapes' common moment of satisfactory maturity, co-fermented and aged twelve months on the lees.

Halfways through a primeur light red, and a deep, savoury rosé, it is envisaged as a refined thirst-quenching wine which embodies both the rusticity of the windswept mineral environment and the fresh, wild aromatic plants that are everywhere in the vineyards. Grilled mushrooms, white meat, crispy dough, river fish are among the usual pairings which suit this cuvée.

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